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What is FarmGate5?

FarmGate5 is a group of supporters of Ontario’s dairy and poultry farmers who feel strongly that Canada’s government must continue to work to support a balanced trade position at the World Trade Organization. It brings together all people and organizations that believe in a strong agricultural sector and a prosperous food industry in Ontario.

The "5" in Farmgate5

Dairy Farmers of Ontario web site | Dairy sector factsheet (275KB)

Chicken Farmers of Ontario web site | Chicken sector factsheet (350KB)
Egg Farmers of Ontario web site | Egg sector factsheet (335KB)
Turkey Farmers of Ontario web site | Turkey sector factsheet (300KB)
Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg & Chick Commission web site | Hatching egg sector factsheet (275KB)

All of the above PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader