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What are the goals of FarmGate5?

FarmGate5 seeks to ensure the Government of Canada secures a balanced trade deal that benefits all farmers including those in the dairy and poultry sectors.

Canada is more open to agricultural imports than the U.S. and EU and subsidy levels in Canada are both lower, and declining faster, than our trading partners.

Canada is committed to domestic supply management for its dairy and poultry industries as a solution that works for consumers, food processors and the industry.

Canada's position in the current round of trade negotiations reflects that continuing commitment. The reality is that some trading partners have not lived up to the last WTO agreement in terms of market access or subsidy reductions.

For these reasons, Canada must be able to maintain tariffs at current levels in dairy and poultry products, as well as the right to have administered pricing policies. Both conditions are essential to maintaining effective production management.
FarmGate5 supports the Canadian position that all the WTO treaty signatory countries introduce conditions that truly allow 5% of their domestic market to be supplied by imports. This measure alone would result in an 80% average increase in the volume of agricultural and food products that could be traded worldwide without being subject to tariffs. That would be real progress!